Matt K

If you didn't buy this you made a mistake....

So far so good. Really like the fact that my truck stays clean after rain. When I do wash it takes very little effort to get it clean, and the shine is awesome! If you didn't buy this you made a mistake.

Larry F

It exceeded my expectations!

I am crazy when it comes to waxes for my car. Not a day goes by that I don’t do at least some form of detailing on it. I have tried so many coating sealants and MACH1 Quick Detailer just turned into my new favorite! It exceeded my expectations! It is so easy to use and the results are stunning! I have a white car so I need to keep it ultra shiny so that the lines show. This does the trick. I will say that I always apply this in the garage under controlled conditions and maybe that is why I don’t get streaks. I do a small section at a time and have it fully buffed out before moving on. When I am done, my car is completely smooth, swirl free, no drag and rain beads so impressively.

Kyle H

I’m glad I bought it!

This worked wonderfully on several vehicles from a Black Tundra, 2 tone blue Indian Roadmaster and Gray  Camaro. Use sparingly and follow the instructions for a very deep, high gloss shine. The colors really pop and appear to be long lasting. It works well on a variety of surfaces and is now my go to detailer. I’m glad I bought it!

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